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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sometimes I feel like..

Sometimes I feel like I am nothing.
But then you came into my life and made me something.
You showed me what it is like to trust again.
God, I really love you and you're only a friend.
I could replay the moments and memories.
I could dream every night but you are not here with me.
Every word my heart had said, every message sent.
I sound even stupider, and left sitting on a log without a hint.
Re-reading my life and wondering how you got in?
I never wanted much when we first talked, just a friend...
Instead more loneliness sat inside my heart...
I never held my head so low while sitting in the dark...
At this moment, yes this moment I wish God remove my face.
Because I feel that to show such mercy, pain, tears is an utter waste...
What does it matter? Why should I care?
How can I know you? When you never share...
So, I will sit in the dark and cry all night...
I surrender LOVE, T.K.O out of this deadly fight...
I keep getting hurt by missing you envisioning that I am become stronger...
I am preparing for victory and a marathon but how much longer??
Until, I fall on my face, until my heart is no more.
Until the bell rings, until you shut the door...
Until I can't get back up, until I lost what I won.
Silly, Me! How can you lose something that wasn't your all along...?
In my heart, I have claimed you first...
In your life, have you declared me worst?
Give me a chance in your heart to live...
Help me, guide me, if I mess up again, please... do forgive.
I want nothing but your mercy…Nothing but your passion,
Everything you have done for me, that's all I want and all I'm asking.
My moon, my stars, my sunshine, and the other reason I breathe.
My cloud, my ocean, my rain, the other reason I feel relieved.

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  1. We have more in common than you know, my friend. I've been feeling the exact same way myself in recent years.


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