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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Afraid To Love Someone...

Here is a poem. I wanted to write for you all.

I am afraid to love someone
because I never know if he loves me.
I am afraid to call, message him, contact,
what in the world is so frightening.
I pound my face with makeup
and flash over a million pics.
I criticize each on thinking,
'If I post this, will he like it?'
I never know what to say,
that will make any sense.
He calls me weird, messy and crazy.
Yet, I never take offense.
He is so dreamy...and I am such a fool
I wear two different socks and crazy clothes.
Not only do I think you're so cool,
but I fall apart at the word of your hellos.
You make me laugh...
and inside I feel so complete.
This online love has paved a path,
to your bedroom door, which outside, I sleep.
Have I gone overboard? Yes.
You're the only one who steals my heart.
Am I insane? Yes!
I think I am Shakespeare or Mozart.
I don't know how to talk to you,
but I did before.
Every moment I message you,
I fall to the floor.
Laughing, giggling, like it's the first time we met.
I am so shy, coy and bashful inside but the actual
is that we never saw each other face to face, not now or yet.
This online love is fictional and not factual.

1 comment:

  1. Love this one. I think you read this one to me on Skype recently...

    Very stupendous.


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