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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Feeling Out of Bounds

Feeling out of bounds, just as some may recall.
The light appeared green and I have lost it all.
Speeding in the zone, acquiring so many tickets.
I have no understanding of what seems legit.
It's so hard to keep your heart from flying out of your chest,
When the air is familiar and the seasons are warming, when you assume you know the rest.
When the love story is quite spectacular and homespun,
just like the cookies my grandmother bakes, I am in and overdone.
I can't imagine life turning so sweet for me,
because my journey has been rotten and laid amongst the sour apple trees.
Should I let my heart flutter out of bounds?
Because I have that same convincing feeling that love's been found.
Should I chuck the seeds of attractions that sprouted in my heart?
Letting my feelings become a savage worm that birds rip apart.
The feelings that I have developed, has been infectious to my health.
Just as similar as a poor uneducated man is to abundant wealth.
Simply choosing not to know the facts, because the feeling is that great.
That I paused the attacks on my recent enemies and forgot how to hate.
Like black widow's poison, this feeling is seeping slowly within,
that I spun out of bounds and became a soldier for my heart again.
Deflect! Deflect! Block! Attack and hold your fire!
I've come too close being unable to keep as a distant desire.
Now you face me from time to time.
In your presence, oh it's so divine.
The ball is in God's Court, because he makes the echoes of love resound.
However, I stepped past the white lines because I am feeling out of bounds.

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