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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Meri New Premiere Muskaan Chopra :)

I glanced at my passion Bollywood. Sat there and thought about my YouTube channel. I want to be in a video but I am not crazy about vlogging, just because I have stalkers and crazy people out there. (Identity is very valuable to me.) So I came up with this idea, what if I illustrated my YouTube video story instead trying to find 10-15 Indians and a lot Indians for extra. I took drama classes for a year or two. Outstanding skills!!!!

So, I did it. Oh, yeah and it was fun. I made my first Bollywood illustrated story, Muskaan Chopra. Please share my video and rate, comment. If you're on YouTube, subscribe to TheHunniBee88 channel.

Muskaan Chopra has been removed but I am still working on it. Thanks!

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  1. The video was beautiful. Loved your "accent". LOL.


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