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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Meditate On This...

I sat and thought about the world today :) I shook my head and sat in silence just meditating on life from my point of view...

Look at this picture which hand do you find appealing? I won't ask which one you like but I pretty sure you observed them all. Do you see the pictures as a whole or do you see skin colors? 

I thought about race, nationality, and other things many people have strong opinions about and I am going to approach this matter. We can look around us and it takes no rocket scientist to research the hatred humans have against one another. We all want peace but, we turn the other cheek and judge someone, subconsciously or consciously, in other words, whether we know of it or not. Sometimes these feelings can come from parents who had the same view, peer pressure in order to fit in, social standing/caste system, or whatever exposure to diversity you have experienced in life. 

The mindset we develop about race, social status, nationality and so on causes us to make 'snap judgments' of others. Racism takes one look, one thought, one act, one fixed opinion of someone of a nationality, race, background, in order, to judge them as a whole, blocking out all rationality and reasoning.

The fact of the matter is that an individual may label themselves by their own actions and responses. The sad thing is that many people tie an individual of one race to a entire race of innocent people. When you point the finger of blame at someone, it not only classifies people as a victim but it give them the (what I call it) victim symptoms. Victim symptoms are conditions that outline a person's action verbally.

     For example...

  Say someone calls you a criminal but you know you are not. Overtime, the same verbal offense said to you over and over again will make you feel like a criminal. Thus, you in turn believe you are a criminal and act like one. Just like words can turning into action, a thought can become reality very quickly.

My opinion:

We are failing to realized that we didn't have a choice of being born but, we are here. We didn't choose our mothers and our fathers. We didn't choose to be from India, America, Spain, Germany, Albania, Japan, China or any other country. We didn't pick where we would like to have citizenship. We didn't ask to be who we are but, I believe we have no choice but to make the best of it every single day we live here on this earth. Who are we to judge when we, ourselves, did not choose what and who we want to be? How could we blame others who also had no choice in life? This reminds me of the saying: "People can't help the way they are." The saying is true...

     Pondering over these rhetorical questions:

  • Who here on earth can help the way they are?
  • If you had the power to change yourself, you would do it, right?
  • Have you took in consideration that others may think like you do?
  • If everything happens for a reason, why are we judging that reason?

People think about it, give this thought no matter how long. Critique yourself and learn how you respond to others, it may help you in life or even save your life in the long run.

Love has no color, though many associate Love with red :) Love is color-free! We need to remember unless we have the power to physically change ourselves, we can't physically change anyone else.  We were born free without choice, so the only thing we can do is love life and live it to the fullest. Respect creation and life.

Oh, yeah before I forget, I was thinking about another issue that we tend to do...
Stay tuned for my update...

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