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Monday, September 19, 2011

People who...

In this world, there exist people who lie, hurt, steal, and kill for their own pleasure.Who am I to judge? You know who you are and what you do to me... You can walking in my heart, because you were never welcomed there anyways.You can steal my heart, because you will never own it. You can click on my profile and stare at my face, because my presence will never be in your grace. You can pretend you like me, because I learn of your hatred. You can get mad, because you have a right and freedom. You can scribble my name of paper and dream of me, all you want. You can do whatever you please, but for the final record, just know that you can't have me.You come inside my heart and step on it with dirty shoes on your feet, thinking you own me, but really you are beneath me. 

I am someone special, who has a heart, who sincerely loves, who take on the burdens of those I care for, who prays, and who believes. I am strong for my family, those I love and those in need. I can careless what you think, and how you feel, but if you ever want to know the truth about me, ask me, I keep it real. For me to think good of you give me something to believe, your false lies never worked on me. I manage to move on and see only the good in the people who are worth my tears and not wasting time on people who aren't worth my years here. I live to love and I stick by what I mean. I may make the mistake of looking back at you, but I only glance to see how small and far I am from you. I can't believe your emotions are so out of whack, and I have, we all have done things and said things we can't take back. However, I continued to look forward and patch up the holes in my life, that I have made or others have caused. I pray not to let a moment to rob my joy of living or my soul. I can sit down and ask life to stop or pause, but with or without me, time keeps on going. 

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