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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Just a day, just an ordinary day...

It amazes me how I think of you so much, and you dont waste a second thinking of me. I can spend a day or weeks in a world of me and you, but you dont even note that I exist in reality. Why do I keep wasting my life on someone who doesn't care, praying and wishing that he notices me, follow me around, hoping that he truly cares? Life is hard, so why does Love have to be a joke? We strive for it, search and wait for Love, but we always feel that love never shows up. Weddings are planned and take place everyday somewhere, but, then, why does everyone feel that love doesn't care. It's true we all have someone that we have inside our hearts, but when we are not with them, distance tears us apart. I know my heart and those whom I love that are in it. I am just waiting on the time from the one and only from above.

I let my passions flee like wildfire in a dry jungle. I think of him everyday all day and every night all night. I can't explain my feelings to him. When I talk to him, it's hard to breathe, to control, to live, to think, to forget, or simply explain my reason for noiselessness. I, simply, am existing waiting on his every utterance. He is the butterflies in my stomach. He is the cookies I couldn't resist in a jar. He is the Popsicle that melted on the fourth of July. He is the tears I couldn't stop. He is the air that is so dense that I couldn't breathe. His words are like honey that sticks to my lips, for I am unable to speak. Oh, the glance that permeates my vision, when I witnessed his face, his eyes, his body, his soul, his mind, and all the exquisite things about him. The way Sun would illuminate when I lift my head to its sky with a simple thought of his radiance, and out of all the impossibilities...only a second, it took to realize you are the one. I dreamed of you so much, hoping one day you will come. We fall in love as many times as we fall out of it. Love is a strenuous game that no one here on earth could ever survive to win it.

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