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Friday, September 9, 2011

Fierce Brown Eyes :)

When I see your fierce brown eyes, and I lose all control on the inside. I never thought to myself in someone's eyes I would die. Imagine how they would look in person, not on a screen. I looked in my mirror and there they are...staring back at me. I shook my head more than twice, but your brown eyes are standing inside of mine. Then, suddenly your face appears on mine. Oh God, this reflection is so good. Your eyes are like glazed cinnamon crumbles on a sweet cake.  I kept staring and staring, engraving your eyes on the center of my heart. I mustered up the courage and told you how I felt inside.. Oh, how can I forget the date? Those fierce brown eyes will never be mines to own. It hurts me sometimes, because inside them I have made a home. Full of dreams and wishes, I climb in the bed, and wish they were in front of me, so I can give them kisses. People always said I look nice in brown, but I never believe them, until I saw those Fierce Brown Eyes of yours. More precious than Amber, more richer than Topaz, in your face, you have the world's most rare stones, what more can I ask?  I have cried so much in my life that my brown eyes faded white.

I want to be her, the girl who catches your tears, and spare the heartache you feel throughout your years. I give so much, but you are not there to answer me for such. Tell me, my love...When can I look into your eyes? Just to catch the warmness of your fierce brown eyes... Just looking into them, I can tell you are a gentle soul, and instantly I see peace, love, glory and all the goodness that mankind has come to know. The sad thing is slowly as you begin to ignore me..the lines of your eyes that I traced on the center of my heart are fading away. I had many dreams of us but none of them I can recall. I meet the night with tears and wake up to day with loneliness inside my heart. Loving someone may heal you but at the same time it can tear you apart. I let your fierce brown eyes grow like a virus in my life, and all I wanted was to be your wife. How can something so warm and toasty make you turn frozen and make you cold???

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