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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hard Decision...To Love

Love is....Oh, boy! I bet you were waiting for a definition, metaphor, or a simile. We can define love in many ways. Maybe you're single, married, in a domestic relationship, or open marriage/relationship. Whatever relationship you're in, no doubt you once fell in love but, before you think of any bad...I invite you to focus on the good. No matter how insignificant or how enormous it may be. Think of how you it felt, how your heart was beating at the particular moment, were you nervous? Did you question your emotions, your feelings? Maybe even, shunned them? Did you trust your intuition? If you chose to love, what was your logic of reasoning, was it even logical or whimsical? Did you stop and spend days stressed over saying, yes? No doubt, you have loved, have been loved, or you are in love, otherwise the first sentence you read, you would have clicked "Next Blog." You may have experienced (or currently) the negative effect of false, hypocritical love. Do you catch yourself saying: "How could someone say that they love you and treat you like this?!", "Love stinks.", "Love is overrated."

Do you agree that Love has gotten a bad name from one's actions? I am pretty sure you can recall their names, their stories and all the cruel things they have said. No one likes to get hurt. Everyone was to be loved, accepted, and content with a partner. We all seek the same results, however when love is involved,  the chemical attraction changes... We get hurt, we forgive, we argue and fight, we scold, we kill, we do things we never would have done, and so on. To love someone freely sounds easy, and for some people it can be accomplished, and for others it cant. Maybe you are the individual who never receive the same love in return, or the person that love so loyally with a list of lovers that were full of deceit. It's amazing how one chemical (Love) can change the outcome of a relationship that was good without it. "Love is..." the only definition that changes throughout the years. So, could someone tell  me what Love is...

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