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Monday, January 28, 2013

Tired of Love. Yes, I'm Tired Already... of Love

Sick and tired of love songs and poems about love. The special feeling in your tummy and the eyes from above. Love is poison and I am not for or against it, because I was made of love just to be in a life surrounded without it. Love is comparable to a mad summer's day. I just want to have love step aside for a day, because I feel useless and confine. I am a loving person but love is like eating too much sugar all the time. I can't understand how people just love Love all the time. My stomach aches and love has made me sick on the inside because it just too much for me. I want to run and hide but love always seek me out and the world craves it like a deadly disease but no one ever want to talk about, the pain it hold and the sweat and tears, the heart's battle is understated and a convince feeling of unsure. Can I get a cure?

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