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Monday, November 14, 2011


"Inspired" by Kavi_Kris

You inspire my heart, because my mind just doesn't understand.
The way you move, the courage you have the strength in your hand.
Just walking about your presence, keep sending chills up my spine.
The hilarious part of this dream, each crease of your skin is already mines.
I could walk on rose petals, and kiss its thorns.
You never fail to blow my whistle and toot my horn.
I guess it called love and in it all is fair,
except when you look into my eyes and play with my hair.
The raindrops of passion washed away the makeup of shyness.
The strong dose of love was needed to handle this crazed mad sinus.
Inspired by you, Oh God, what a wonderful being you made.
I lay by his side; I can trust him and not be afraid.
The bond of love between two will never fail to enlighten our lives.
No matter how many sons, fathers, mothers, daughters, husbands, or wives.
We all are inspired and that's what keeps us waking up each day.
Searching, exploring, finding, we all have curiosity come what may.

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